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What We Are?
We analyse horse races and we provide online tips on wins, place, and offer pool bet suggestions and suggestion on win as well place roll bets. We provide free as well paid tips on horse races.
Free tips are regularly published in our website, paid tips are sold by SMS, mail and telephonic, soon the free tips will go to only for who subscribe it half yearly or annually
We are a team of professionals working to find out the most winning possibilities of all horses run at major centres of India as well select international centers like Emirates Racing and South Africa Races.
We are head quartered at Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh , India and we run our business wholly online, whether selling tips,or other services we do not deal directly/offline
We engage professionals, who can reason out what they give as race tips and why they give.
We can undoubtedly contribute knowledge and selection on horse races to our users matching  international standards.
We do not directly or indirectly involve in any kind of your race wager/bets.
We advice all your wagering through official wager terminals operated by respective race clubs.
We understand the need of the users; in fact what the users receive is our topmost priority than what we do here. The solutions and the benefits will reach unhindered under different types of users.

We  declare our business in  selling of our  race tips , publishing race related articles,conducting workshops and other promotional advertisement campaign under this banner

What Is Our Mission?
Indian punters are approximately losing Rs 500 crores in race betting alone in a month and 80 % of people lose for lack of proper understanding on race betting and value bets and on betting on whims and fancies
The articles focusing hone your talent in race punting is one of the widest read among all and undoubtedly we are here to update you every happening in skill up gradation
We want to contribute articles related to riding talents, some tips on jockey-ship and horsemanship so that best talents can emerge, and a good competitive environment can create new history for upcoming Indian jockeys
We want to contribute articles related to improve healthy and competitive racing by highlighting what punters are supposed to get in terms of information from race clubs and turf authorities
Punters always try to learn the game in practical way by losing. This must be stopped at any cost. Let them learn the art of handicapping before they enter into professional punting
We want to help this section of society in graduating to the fittest level
We are sellers of premium tips to punters who are busy and unable to study on their own and judge the form for wagering with their official book makers.
We have ambitious plans to come with a tailor made race cards which contains exhaustive details for paid users
All in all the site would highlight all fields related to improved and knowledgeable punting and creating a talent pool of horse racing punters
The User Segments We Aim:
Punters (India and international), Owners of race horses, Jockeys, Trainers, breeders other race related patrons, horse lovers, official bookmakers, Horse racing equipment manufacturers, jockey training schools, event promoters, Advertisement campaign planners , veterinary specialists, horse grooms and even race correspondents and special authors.
Whether you are a free user or subscribed user or a premium member our focus is on your necessity in race punting, race related developments, initially established for covering Indian race selections users worldwide and due to overwhelming response opened international race tips for select international race centers
What We Do Not Do Seriously?
If you are coming here for tracks, videos, race incidents and race results, then, we are not the provider, but there will always be useful links to other sites where you can connect instantly
Here we would act 100% green by linking the other useful sites to navigate to the respective sites, be it our competitor or else because we are sure you will be back for our original stuff.
These routine report of fitness, trails, veterinary reports, race incidents uploading videos are taken care of such hyper links and we do not seriously look uploading tracks , videos and results,
We do not try to be what we are not, unmistakably there are some services which comes with a price tag, but affordable.
What We Want To Focus Now?
Educating the serious punters through valuable inputs in handicapping related articles,
Providing useful tips based on forms and other important factors
Providing race to race analysis that are competent enough comparable with an international tipsters
Answering handicapping questions
Publishing important data related to running of races
Publishing a tailor made race card for Indian Races
Our Staff Strength:
On Direct pay roll
Handicappers: 2
One handicappers (national)
One handicapper (international races)
One video Analyst(1)
Administrators (1)
Data entry operators (3-contract based)
Not On Salary Rolls And honorary only
Hired authors: 3 (not on salary basis, for selection, handicapping, skills improvement and Horse training , equine health and veterinary related  stuff
Legal Attorneys:( 3) All contracted, various cities of interest based on website viewers count, no regular salaries, work on case to case basis, based at various important cities to protect the genuine interest of this venture and empowered to take on cases related to defaming, defamation suits, and public interest litigation petitions against individuals, organizations and government without our permissions but with a prior notification to us promptly.

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